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Evil eye beaded silver wristlet is a stylish choice to protect your beloved ones from evil eye. It is evil eye beaded and leaf designed. 925 grade silver wristlet is 20 cm length...
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The man who exceeds centuries. 925 grade embossed silver necklace with Ataturk's signature..
20.00€ Ex Tax:20.00€
Authentic pearl drop silver necklace is the best way to tell what is in your heart to your lover. Rowed authentic pearl drop, pearl necklace is 925 grade...
75.00€ Ex Tax:75.00€
Authentic pearl, silver buckle necklace is a gift to your well belowed that shows your love. Special design, front locked, silver buckle pearl necklace is 925 grade...
75.00€ Ex Tax:75.00€
Authentic set, which contains chain and spangle moulding silver necklace tip is a special and elegant gift. Silver set weighs 17,57 g and it is 925 grade...
45.00€ Ex Tax:45.00€
To give gift makes you happier than to take gift. Big ring silver earrings is a stylish gift for you or your beloved ones. It is big ring, 925 grade earrings...
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You do not need to be bird to fly, just little happiness is enough. Bird eye green stone silver bronze set causes you to live little happinesses. This set which consists of green drop stone 925 grade silver-bronze necklace tip, ring and earrings is 12,22 g..
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The heart which does not enlight the heart is not a heart. Black and white silver set that describes the light in the heart is 925 grade and 6,91 g. It consists of silver ring and earrings...
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Your hands and heart joining with your lovers would never separate with black stone big clip silver wristlet. It is black stoned and has clip. Thick and 925 grade silver wristlet...
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While the night belongs to it, why would black want to be in the rainbow. The set that contains black drop stone necklace tip, ring and earrings is 22,39 g, 925 grade and silver..
72.00€ Ex Tax:72.00€
Black stone silver necklace is for telling our feelings and meaning our surprizes. Outworn looking, black stone silver necklace is 925 grade...
140.00€ Ex Tax:140.00€
The day comes blue sea, the day comes blue sky, the day comes it is blue dream silver bronze set. The set which contains blue stone 925 grade silver bronze necklace tip, earrings and ring, is the way to tell the beauties of blue sea and the blue sky to your beloved ones. It weighs 25,50 g..
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