Jewelry symbolizes the civilizations, cultures in which they were created. The complementary element of beauty and aesthetics has always maintained its importance even though jewelry has changed from past to present.  The art of jewelry dating back to ancient times, although used as a means of religious and magic in the early days, has often become an indicator of the status in society.

From Asia to Europe, from Africa to America, all the cultures known on earth have become used for different reasons. Sometimes it is used for beauty, sometimes for aesthetic appearance, and sometimes for health. Beads, animal bones, gold, silver, copper, precious stones, semi-precious stones have been used in many articles such as the art of jewelry.

Anatolia's rich jewelry culture mosaic has created its unique style from antiquity to today.  According to other well-known cultures, Anatolian jewelry has shown Loyalty and continuity in the way of life, jewelry shapes, symbols and figures. For Anatolian women, each jewelry has a social status meaning and varies. Jewelry has an important function especially in the cities where trade is developed.

Before Islam, Anatolian Turkish women wore a “phylactery necklace” against the evil eye and believed that it would bring abundance, and this belief still continues to effect widely.  The vast majority of jewelry made against magic and evil are in the form of eyes and hands. In addition to religious beliefs, jewelry has an important place in tradition.

From the ancient times to the present, women's heads have formed an important jewelry field. The bracelets, rings, hair pins, and halberts sometimes attached to the ankles, have been shaped over a 30,000-year-old history.  (Painter Remzi Irene)

With its bright colors, aesthetic appearance, minerals, crystals, precious and semi-precious stones have been used in jewelry since ancient times. Diamond, Emerald, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine, peridot, citrine, opal, granat, amethyst, tukaz, lapis lazuli, Jade, moon stone, agate (akik), quartz, kalsedon, Pearl, amber, stone types used in jewelry.


Symbols are important in terms of meanings of jewelry. These symbols, which find life on jewelry, tell the accepted truth in every society. In Christianity Mary, and in Islam Fatima was accepted as a symbol of fertility. The eye motif is considered to be the greatest God by symbolizing evil and magic as RA eyes, the Egyptian Sun god. In addition, celestial bodies are modeled as Sun, Moon and Star shapes. Circle eternity and immortality, triangle motion and evil spells, sacred forces of spiral nature, square-quadrangle-crucifix-gamma - cross, describes the cosmic balance of the universe. The Cypress tree symbol, considered to be the tree of life, bears the feature of the plant, which is believed to be the soul.  Among the most widely used figures in Anatolia and Mesopotamia.

The cradle of civilizations in Anatolia from past to present, people have counted jewelry as an important part of elegance, aesthetics, passion and beauty, and they will continue to count.