Anatolian Cradle of Civilizations comes to mind when it comes to jewelry design. The findings from the excavations carried out throughout history about the social, economic and religious lives of people have given us clues and have allowed us to follow the adventure of jewelry, which is as old as human history, and to learn about the social culture, social change and development.


Various necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, caps, belts have been designed in different shapes and models and have survived from the past centuries.  Each jewelry is designed with a different meaning and importance and is made available to women. Due to the fact that the men of the period are also interested in jewelry, jewelry was designed in various shapes and models that men can use. Feathers, Holy tree shells, sea shells, tooth and bone fragments, precious stones, silver, gold, bronze are some of the materials used in jewelry.


It is known that the jewelry used in all excavations carried out by the people to decorate various parts of the body varies according to the environment and conditions. Some of the societies used to look beautiful, some protected from the forces of nature, the evil eye and others used to have therapeutic power, while others placed jewelry attached to graves with the belief of protecting the souls of their relatives from evil, and they installed various meanings into these objects.


By combining the knowledge and experience gained by people throughout history with creativity, craftsmanship and patience, the stones, staves, symbols, precious metals and materials have been developed by jewelers and designers since the 1990s and have been put into production.


During the excavations carried out in Anatolia between 1962-1968 in Turkey, jewelry tools made of bronze moulds, precious stones and silver jewelry were found in “karun's treasure”, and with the discovery of gold, it was learned and spread of the mining process that caused the jewelry industry to create a profession and to provide employment to many people.  The formation of the jewellery sector has enabled the jewellery design to increase and increase the interest of many people to be preferred and used by the gift. It has become our indispensable accessories that are economical and aesthetic looking and that complement a stylish outfit and color our clothes with different usage alternatives.