Jewelry and jewelry design is one of the best ways to describe emotions and human nature. It makes one feel good and beautiful. Especially in a necklace or earrings used in different models sea shells, linen leather or Emerald diamonds such as a plastic piece of high or low value gemstones have shown that jewelry can be easily made without the shortage of materials. Jewelry is also very wide in materials used in jewelry varieties can vary as much. Jewelry that is more preferred as ornaments, necklaces, bracelets, rings or bracelets or earrings are indispensable accessories for lovers.

The most important reflection of the culture and traditions of Civilizations is the jewelry. Jewelry design varies according to time and environment, From 20th century to the present, the history of jewelry has caused it to become a rich branch of art. Ornaments are a secret witness to memories and experiences, because the person who makes them reflects the world of imagination. In mythology, he helped isiris descend into the underworld and sometimes became a symbol of love and power. However, jewelry was never given up in any period. It has always been developed and used and has become widespread until today.

Many events have caused disasters, natural migrations, wars, people to seek places and cultural fusion of places. Societies have made original jewelry with the techniques and materials they know of, created diversity and adapted them according to their own.  After the London big industrial exhibition in 1851, a group of Artists led by William Morris began the Arts&Crafts movement to resist the Impressionism and corruption of products and Architecture against mass production.

The rapid development of technology after World War I enabled consumption to increase rapidly in society by restructuring the industry again and rapidly. Nostalgic structures and artifacts in the 1920s replaced energetic, creative, geometric figure, cubist industrial structures in this period. The developing industry and textile and fashion industry also entered into a rapid development process and women entered into business life and women changed their clothing styles, people in daily life sports, showing off but comfortable clothing has provided them. During this period, new trends and new styles were rapidly formed and adopted.

In the face of this change in society, "Jung style" has emerged in order to react to the fact that the people go out on the street with expensive jewels. In this style, daily jewelry made with colorful glass, ceramics and plastic beads were cheap. Thus, the word ‘bijouterie’ entered into the concept of jewelry for the first time. With the use of many materials, ranging from the most expensive to the cheapest, the jewelry was used in a simple, aesthetic and functional manner, representing not only the beauty of the people, but also the richness and power of them. In addition to women, accessories are important for men, and the earrings are important for women.