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Anatolia Jewelry Blog

29 Oct Traditional Anatolian Jewelry
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Jewelry is made of precious and semi-precious metals and stones from the existence of mankind until today. Each beautiful and attractive jewelry is worn when watching the sense of pleasure and aroused interest. When people wear a jewelry they like, t..
29 Oct Traditional Jewelry
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It is important for Anatolian women and all other World Women to be beautiful and realize their beauty. As in the past, women have always been attentive and selective about their appearance. In doing so, they have used and will continue to use a wide..
29 Oct Anatolia before thirty thousand years ago…
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He was born thirty thousand years ago in the silence of death. When he realized that the breath would not return, he put beads, bracelets and rings on his grave, made of stones, horns and bones, shell shells, to bless him and make him feel peace wher..
29 Oct Anatolian jewelry symbol of passion and beauty
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Jewelry symbolizes the civilizations, cultures in which they were created. The complementary element of beauty and aesthetics has always maintained its importance even though jewelry has changed from past to present.  The art of jewelry dating back t..
29 Oct Jewelry Design In Anatolia
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Anatolian Cradle of Civilizations comes to mind when it comes to jewelry design. The findings from the excavations carried out throughout history about the social, economic and religious lives of people have given us clues and have allowed us to foll..
29 Oct Jewelry In Anatolıa In Ancıent Tımes
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All civilizations lived in Anatolia, metals, stones together or separately by processing both sacred and artistic purposes, jewelry and many other works produced.Anatolia could be the center of its era in this regard, for the first time applied var..
29 Oct Anatolia Design
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Jewelry and jewelry design is one of the best ways to describe emotions and human nature. It makes one feel good and beautiful. Especially in a necklace or earrings used in different models sea shells, linen leather or Emerald diamonds such as a plas..
29 Oct Anatolian women and jewelry Culture diversity
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It is a feeling that there is beauty and beauty in man's nature. People have taken care for centuries to carry all kinds of jewelry and ornaments that make themselves look beautiful, other than clothes.  They have managed to design the most precious ..
29 Oct Anatolian Jewelry Becoming A Profession
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In the years of 3100 B.C. by the Egyptians, and in the years of B.C. 2500 by the Chinese and Persians, it is stated that silver was used. In ancient Greek history, although Silver mines were encountered in Athens, it is known that one of the civiliza..
29 Oct Jewelry Diversity In Anatolia
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The Anatolian Turkish woman is the most upright, most virtuous, elegant, morally honest, smiling, sweet, friendly and sincere, like the Turkish delight, who opens roses on her face.  Anatolian women, even in the most difficult conditions, care fo..
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